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The Concept

A book to celebrate women battling breast cancer and portray the warriors within.


The idea for "I Am Warrior" was born in a surgeon's waiting room, shortly after my diagnosis with breast cancer in June 2013.


The weeks that preceded had been filled with confusion and fear. I felt as though I'd lost control of everything. As I sat in the waiting room, my older sister handed me a book from the waiting room coffee table.


"Here, let's flip through this," she said. "The pictures might help us feel better."


The book showed women who had undergone mastectomies. Though well-intentioned, the pictures did not make us feel better. They horrified us.


It wasn't the subject matter, but how the women were presented. They looked defeated; lighting and post-production effects had been added to make them look stark and unflattering.


A paralyzing wave of despair washed over me, and I felt like I was drowning.


My sister slammed the book shut and shoved it under the couch so that other women wouldn't see it.


A few week later, I sat in a chemo suite, about to undergo my third round of chemotherapy, when I turned to my sister and announced, "I need to make the book."


My sister thought I was delirious. "What book? What are you talking about?"


"I need to make the book that would have comforted us that day," I replied.


“I Am Warrior” was born from my experience in the waiting room. The purpose of this project is to comfort and empower women newly diagnosed and about to face this battle. I want to celebrate the spirit of the warrior within each and every one of us with this disease.


We need you!


Every woman featured in this book is in treatment or within the first year of being diagnosed. Each woman is depicted as a mythical, historical or literary female warrior.


So far, we have photographed 15 warriors. We are looking for 6 more women of all ages and ethnicities.


If you are interested in joining us and being part of this project, email us. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey, and include a photo. We will be shooting in New York City between June and August 2014.


So many are pitching in and giving their time and effort to make sure that this project happens. We already have interest from major retailers who want to help launch the book.


Thank you for taking the time and visiting, and please pass this site on to anyone who you think might be interested.





Much Love,