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Ray Virta: "Ray VirtaWARNING: There is a problem with SHIRIN TINATI as a photographer: she is too good. I am unable to choose THE perfect headshot as she has presented me with literally dozens of perfect ones. Next time I should look for someone who is marginally competent, who over a three-hour session produces but one acceptable shot. I HAVE NO TIME - who needs the complications associated with artistic excellence. Thanks, Shirin."

Sherry Berg: "Where do I begin? Shirin is not just a photographer; she is a muse and artist. She is able to grab the heart of her subjects and will not let go. She seeks the truth in her photos and will strive for nothing less. It is the simplicity that makes her work unique. She is meticulous, committed, and the most fun photographer I have ever worked with. You will never feel like you are modeling or posing, but rather, like you are just living in the moment of your own life." Lastly, she is dedicated to her clients. She goes above and beyond and will help you through the process of auditioning, give you the strength to follow through with your dreams, and get you the best damn head shot you can get in this market. The weekend job I had to take to save up for the fantastic adventure that is working with Shirin was worth every penny. I would work with Shirin again in a heartbeat--and I'm looking forward to it.

Netanel Bellaishe: "You are a brilliant artist! this photo-shoot came out better then I could have imagined and I could never have done it without you and you're beautiful personality. with you I simply felt comfortable to be myself. a self I do not share with everyone every day, but only when I am on the Stage - the home of my soul. It was a pleasure and a privilege working with an artist in your magnitude. and to have spent time with a person of such beauty and depth."

Mieka Dovey: "I loved working with Shirin for countless reasons. She really takes the time to get to know her clients. Her photography isn't just about the hair, the makeup and the pretty pictures, but most importantly, she is able to capture the many facets and colors of her clients personality. Her genuine love and concern for all of her clients is reflected in her work and I think that's what sets her apart from other photographers."

Lee Mason: "As soon as I saw Shirin's headshots I immediately knew that I had to work with her. Her work has a life and style that caught my eye above all the other shots I've seen. Shirin really took the time to get to know me before I booked with her, ensuring that the pictures we took were not pretty shots but a true representation of me, making them a great business tool. Shirin works effortlessly and her work is first rate! Above all else, she is passionate and really cares about her clients and her work. We had great fun and I am proud of our finished product(s). I wouldn't want anyone else to have taken my headshots."

Kristen Seavey: "Working with Shirin is like working with your best friend. She is fresh, fun, passionate, and extremely personal. I knew she was there for me because she cares both about her clients and her work. She sets the highest standard for herself and her clients that she never fails to exceed.